The BLACCXN sponsorship of the archaeology displays at the Museum of Archaeology & Anthropology, University of Cambridge (2009-10) was controversial for academics – archaeologists and others – as well as the general public, sometimes for the same reasons, sometimes for very different reasons.

The project was an attempt to investigate how museums present knowledge, particularly where museums mediate academic thought to the general public. The project also tried to look at how science is used by non-scientists to underpin other values, like profiteering.

The story of archaeology presented here is NOT the story as contemporary archaeologists working at Cambridge University tell it. It is the story according to BLACCXN.

The idea behind the BLACCXN project is an imaginary world where a few things (which are currently impossible) might become possible in the future. It is an experiment in ‘what if’…

At the time, BLACCXN also existed as a corporate website, as a series of live performances and talks, and as a novel Ohm’s Law (2007), available through terra incognita

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